Is The Raptor R Faster Than The Trx?

If you are looking at those two amazing models, the Ford Raptor R is the better performer over the Ram 1500 TRX in 2023.

If you want the most absurd pick-up in terms of horsepower, performance, and off-road capabilities,

there is no hotter duo than the Ford F-150 Raptor and Ram 1500 TRX.

The only other muscle truck models that get anywhere near Fords Raptors R-rated numbers will be the RAM 1500 TRX,

which has a fuel economy average of 12 MPGe, with a highway speed of 14 MPGe and city mileage of 10 MPGe.

Surely, the 2023 Ford Raptor R will go just about anywhere a V-8 truck will (and V-6 trucks weigh around 100 pounds less than the R,