How Much Does It Take To Charge A Tesla At A Supercharger?

This article explains how much it costs to charge a Tesla at a Supercharger, and states that the cost generally ranges from $ 25 to $ 25 per 100 miles of charge.

The range of your Tesla depends on the model and battery capacity.

In addition, the charging time varies depending on the size of the battery; larger batteries take longer to charge.

Supercharging stations are designed for Teslas and they provide a faster way to charge your battery.

Charging at a supercharger typically takes between 30 minutes and an hour depending on the model.

The cost of charging at a supercharger varies based on your location and time of day, but it is usually around $ 25-$ 35 per 100 miles of charge.

Using US calculations and prices, you can see prices per kWh for home charging or at a charging station.